Bugatti circuit

The most mythical of tracks

Ride on history

An exceptional


Built in 1966 and known all over the world, the Bugatti circuit is a permanent track located in the south of the city of Le Mans. It hosts a variety of motorsport races, including the famous “24 Hours Le Mans”, as well as the 24 Hours Moto or the 24 Hours Truck, the Moto GP, the 24 Hours Roller, and finally the Škoda 24 Hours Cycling…

It’s completely closed and lit up at night for the races. It offers a coating of exceptional quality and an incredible performance. Although it may appear flat when the cars fly around the track, the famous “Dunlop Hump” will tickle your thighs a bit more with every lap… Trust us!

4185 meters

the distance over one lap

Climb of 3,5 to 7%

over 600 meters before the Dunlop Gateway

Downhill of 2%

over 1000 meters after the Dunlop Gateway