Our environmental


From one year to the next, we try to reduce our impact on the planet. In order to do so, we have already taken the following measures:

  • No more plastic bottles at the refuelling point. This means seven fewer pallets.
  • End to the distribution of our paper version programme, to favour digital versions. We used to print 3 000 programmes, each with 24 pages, which represents 72 000 paper sheets saved today.
  • Our medals and trophies are made out of wood and made in France.
  • We encourage carpooling and the use of public transport to reduce CO2 emissions: limited vehicle passes per team.
  • We strive to work with local service providers, thus reducing the fuel consumption.

Our social


The Škoda 24 Hours Cycling are also a unique opportunity to engage with social causes and to reinforce the ties within our community.

  • We work in collaboration with the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.
  • The Škoda 24 Hours Cycling aren’t solely a race, but also the change to support social causes that you care about. Many teams support associations.
  • Organization of road safety, life-saving and sports activities for children and families.