Parking lot, access, track, catering



Parking entry is free for visitors from 8 am on Saturday morning.

The visitors parking lot will be accessible from the Panorama Avenue (“Parking Rouge”) with the pedestrian access via the “Entrée Panorama”.



In order to see the race better, the public can access the trackside to encourage competitors, from the Raccordement bend to the Dunlop. Access is possible at the pit exit and the Dunlop Gateway. Grandstands are also available for the public, especially those above the pits, the ideal spot to see the start on Saturday at 3:00 pm.

Inside the circuit: from the pit exit to the Dunlop
Outside the circuit: from the La Chapelle bend to the Raccordement bend


An on-site catering service is available (athlete menu, sandwich and snack). The restaurant is open from Friday night. Recharge on Sunday morning with a good breakfast: pastries, coffee…  On site or to-go!

La Matinale Le Maine Libre - La Sarthe (morning event)

Come discover the 24 Hours Le Mans circuit and enjoy an hour-long stroll on your bike. La Matinale Le Maine Libre – La Sarthe is organized on Saturday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, as a curtain raiser for the Škoda 24 Hours Cycling. The Bugatti circuit opens its doors to you!

La Matinale Le Maine Libre – La Sarthe is the place to be for cyclotourists and families. Around 1500 people participate each year. It’s opened to everyone: young and old, visitors, supporters….



Located next to the paddock and entirely free, come take a look around in the circuit’s village. Meet with the Škoda 24 Hours Cycling partners, exhibitors and activities.